eCommerce Fastlane – A Shopify Store Podcast. Get Insights To Profitably Grow Revenue And Scale Lifetime Customer Loyalty.

Steve Hutt | Shopify Expert and eCommerce Expert

My name is Steve Hutt, and I host the eCommerce Fastlane, a podcast that one anonymous reviewer called, "Impressive level of content that is accessible for beginners, but even more rewarding for deep e-commerce experts who want to get into the weeds of marketing & operations and translate these strategies into actions."At eCommerce Fastlane, I aim to provide you with the resources and source of truth for e-commerce growth and marketing education, specifically focusing on brands powered by Shopify. Since 2016, I've been empowering and guiding Shopify businesses to build, grow, and scale.Whether you are an established Shopify business owner or aspiring to launch your direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, this podcast is here to accelerate your knowledge and help you succeed. I bring you actionable strategies and marketing tips through our Insights Blog and podcast episodes twice a week.Join me and a roster of Shopify partners and subject matter experts as we dive deep into the latest D2C marketing strategies, B2B e-commerce insights, and proven tactics to drive traffic, boost conversion rates, increase average order value, and maximize customer lifetime value.With a broad range of topics covered each week, we explore the best Shopify apps, email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing, text marketing, Shopify best practices, DTC e-commerce, and advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. We also dive into the Shopify app store, B2B e-commerce, acquisition and retention strategies, and the evolving landscape of retail and online stores.Our discussions go beyond the surface, providing in-depth knowledge, expert advice, and practical tips to optimize your e-commerce operations.Whether you're a marketer, DTC founder, online business owner, or entrepreneur, I aim to help you improve efficiency, increase revenue, and enhance customer retention, ultimately building lifetime customer value for your Shopify store.The world of e-commerce is ever-evolving, and at eCommerce Fastlane, I’m committed to keeping you informed and ahead of the curve. Together, let's unlock your ecommerce potential and accelerate your business to new heights. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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