Relationship Transformers

Paul & Stacey Martino

Paul & Stacey Martino have proven that it only takes ONE partner to transform a relationship…ANY relationship! The question is - “How does ONE person do that?” This podcast is the answer! The Martinos made a unique discovery. They cracked the code on how to save any marriage and take ANY relationship to the next level. All in a way that it only takes ONE person. You do not need your partner to listen to this podcast or do the work with you, in order for you to get the results you want in your relationship. Stacey and Paul have saved thousands of marriages, using the Relationship Development® methodology they invented. They have hundreds of real, actionable tools and strategies you can use in real life today, to create your Unshakable Love and Unleashed Passion ...even if your partner REFUSES to change! Stacey and Paul, are the creators of Relationship Development®, it’s personal development for your relationship. Together with their community of Relationship Transformers, the Martinos are Changing the Way Relationship is Done™! Through their strategic coaching, online programs, and sold-out live events, Stacey and Paul have helped save thousands of marriages around the world and transformed thousands more. Now, through this podcast, you will finally get the answers you need to take all your relationships to the next level! While studies show that couples counseling today results in approximately an 80% divorce rate… Stacey and Paul’s RelationshipU program has a 1% Divorce Rate over the last 6 years! That’s a 99% Success Rate! No one can touch those results! As the Relationship Transformers are known to say, it’s because #ThisSh*tWorks. The raw truth is, relationships are nothing more than a skill set. Not only is it a skill set that most of us were not taught, but what we were taught is causing unnecessary kerfuffle and pain every day. Tune in each week to get the skills and solutions you need to take your relationships from meh to legendary. Ready for your relationship breakthrough? You can get started by going to

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