Being a redhead is like winning the genetic lottery. Seriously, do you know how rare you are? 1-2% of the world rare, that's how rare, you lucky thing. And with it comes all sorts of weird and wonderful life bits: you're eye-catching without trying at all, you become excellent at shade-hopping in summer, and you can generate extra vitamin D. How cool is THAT. Gingers are basically superheroes.The Ginger Parrot Podcast is brought to you by Emma and Lizzie, creators and writers of Ginger Parrot (, a lifestyle website for redheads and ginger lovers alike. Here, you can read about 'all things nice and gingerful', from skincare recommendations to health news, and worldwide redhead events to exclusive celebrity interviews.In each episode of the podcast, Emma and Lizzie will interview a different Very Important Ginger (VIG), asking them about their contributions to the redhead community, and generally celebrating the ginger side of life.Sit back, relax, and enjoy the gingerness.

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