Spears & Steinberg

The Laugh Button

What is Spears & Steinberg you ask? No it’s not a law firm. It's fully called Spears & Steinberg a.k.a The Jew And The Jerk - with this knowledge it's easy to realize it's a podcast staring superstar comedians Aries Spears and Andy Steinberg. Spears & Steinberg is everything anti-political correctness and anti-woke you want! True feelings and expression of thought are under siege and this show offers creative expression and titillating conversation about everything from pop culture, current events, politics, sports, to woman/man shit. The intent is never to maliciously be mean, but rather inform and make people laugh. Should you become offended in this over-the-top, trophies-for-everyone, era of moistness... SO THE F#*K BE IT! Think of it like ProbAtion... at the end of the day most people like to drink, and this is AMERICA DAMNIT! AND WE’LL BE DAMNED IF WE LET SOFT FEELINGS STOP US FROM GETTING DRUNK OFF WHAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FREE SPEECH AND A LICENSE TO LAUGH. NO MATTER WHAT THE CONTENT! BROUGHT TO YOU BY A&A ALE GET IT BEFORE THEY DONT HAVE IT (inside joke) SUBSCRIBE TO GET IT, GET IT?

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