Time to Listen

Cape York Partnership

Ever since the Federation of Australia, a plethora of politicians, academics and media personalities have opined and commentated on Indigenous Australian affairs. But amongst the discourse, whether it be formalised debate or discordant blither, one voice has been notably absent: the collective voice of First Nations people. As of 2020, First Nations peoples comprise just 3.3% of the Australian population. Yet they represent 29% of the incarcerated Australian population, including an estimated 46% of the incarcerated juvenile population. First Nations children also represent approximately 37% of Australian children in foster care. They suffer a suite of disparate mortality statistics and morbidity factors in comparison to the non-Indigenous population. They also enjoy far less participation in home ownership, education attainment and leadership positions, and even as all these gaps begin to show signs of narrowing, other contemporary socioeconomic gaps begin to yawn. Are First Nations voices being heard on such matters? Have you heard them? This is Time to Listen, a podcast that gives a space and a platform to the First Nations voices of the Cape York Peninsula, and wider Australia. Whether you are passionate about racial equality, or simply curious about First Nations culture (and anything in between) this is the podcast for you. Want to know more about the diversity of Indigenous Australian languages? Think you understand Native Title? How have First Nations communities educated their children since before colonisation, and how are these methods being rediscovered? And which terminology is respectful and correct for which occasion, First Nations, Indigenous, or Aboriginal Australian? Realising true harmony between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian people and culture requires opening a space and raising a platform for First Nations peoples themselves. By taking the time to listen, you have already taken a very important step towards reconciliation.

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