We've all been there before. Walking down the aisle at the local grocery store and you overhear a conversation about politics and you cringe. You try your best to ignore what is being said, but the words just keep coming in through your ears no matter how much you try to block them out. It's at that moment that you feel that you are alone in a sea of Republicanism. Alone in a maddening, MAGA-hat wearing throng where everyone drinks the Fox News kool-aid. You are not alone! There are over 52,000 Democrats in Collier County and this is your podcast. The Collier Democratic Roundup is the official podcast of the Collier County Democratic Party. On each episode we will discuss some of the news, what is going on in the local and state party, and how you can get involved and take action to affect change in your community. We will bring on expert guests to talk about politics, the economy, elections, voting and more. You will hear from local officials and candidates to keep informed of what is going on in Collier County. It's nearly impossible to hear about progressive news in our local community so we decided to bypass the local media and give it straight to you. We have a robust website and social media presence that gives you news and opinion pieces about local news stories. For more information about the local Democratic Party please visit our website at www.collierdems.org and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. https://collierdems.org/ https://www.facebook.com/CollierCountyDemocraticParty/ https://twitter.com/CollierDems https://www.instagram.com/collierdems/

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