Going Solo shares stories, strategies and ideas to help consultants, coaches and small business owners build success as entrepreneurs following a late-career job loss. We believe you should be able to take control over your career destiny, do what you love, what you’re competent at doing, and get paid what you’re worth, consistently. We are committed to the success of expertise-based businesses. Ready to go even deeper? The Smashing the Plateau Community uses a structured, supportive process to implement the kinds of strategies we discuss in this podcast. It is a community that is built to be a safe, caring place, where inclusive, direct, active and empowering conversations are welcome. If you want to get your consulting, coaching or small business to grow, on your own terms, so that you can deliver great results to your ideal clients, while supporting the lifestyle you want, and you don’t want to do it alone, apply to become a member of the Smashing the Plateau Community. Learn more at https://smashingtheplateau.com.

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