Dr. A.D.T. (All Day True)

Dr. A.D.T. A.K.A. (All Day True) is the author of "YUP I SAID IT!" She has made the title of her book the brand for her podcast, blog, radio show, clothing line, the next catchphrase, and a MOVEMENT...This movement is dealing with REA L life topics we face every day, no matter what race we are. Each podcast will tackle a different topic matter and shed light on the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly. Such as the church, what the church don’t talk about and behind the scenes in the church. Dr. A.D.T. will discuss topics on sex, police brutality, gangs, rappers, politics, relationships, marriage, singleness, abuse, food, the black race, the white race...Nothing or no one is exempt! You’ll feel like you know Dr. A.D.T. once you spend time tuning in to her podcast. You may laugh one day, you may cry the next, you will THINK about what you’ve heard and hopefully apply it to your life where you see fit. Listeners will also be giving the opportunity to make topic suggestions. This podcast is a VOICE for people who: are afraid to speak, don't know how to say what they feel, they’ve been told to be quiet because you they are doing too much, you've been called weird, called out of your name, or people just don't understand you, or like you. "I can relate because I’ve been there." Dr. A.D.T. hopes listeners would allow her the opportunity to inspire them, and to come out of their shell and STOP living a false identity, and embrace being set apart! People may not like what I say today, but they’ll respect it tomorrow. Through her own testimony…Dr. A.D.T. realized, people who can stand alone, are: STRONG, COUREGOUS, and have the STRENGTH to endure and can accomplish anything. Who Are You? Is the real question because only, you can answer that. This podcast YUP I SAID IT!!! will motivate and inspire you to be the BEST you.

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