Let's Therapy

Scott & Vanessa Martindale

Welcome to Let's Therapy—where faith, mental health, and blended family converge. We are your hosts, Scott and Vanessa Martindale, therapists and founders of Blended Kingdom Families. As members of a blended family, we know the importance of good mental health as well as a vibrant relationship with God. In this podcast, we offer a biblically-sound and therapeutic approach to the most pressing issues blended families face. Our hearts' desire is to serve, educate, support, and empower you and your family so you can flourish! To find out more about BKF and founders Scott and Vanessa Martindale, visit our website, www.blendedkingdomfamilies.com.Blended Kingdom Families is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and this podcast is funded thanks to the generous support of our one-time and monthly donors. To learn more about how to partner with us, click here, Donate - Blended Kingdom Families!For additional resources visit: https://linktr.ee/blendedkingdomfamilies

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