Primary Care UK: Let's Learn Together

Dr Munir Adam & the Primary Care UK Team

Primary Care UK: Let's Learn Together is the podcast for the busy healthcare Professional interested in Clinical updates, System updates, Primary Care Roles, Supervising & Support and Personal wellbeing.  Main website: The multi-professional team ensures that every episode is for all:  GPs, Nurses, and all the AHPs (Allied Health Professionals) including Clinical Pharmacists, Physician Associates, First Contact Physiotherapists and Paramedics,  Nursing Associates, other doctors, Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Mental Health Practitioners and trainees and students of the above.   The podcast receives contributions from Training Hubs, NHS England, other NHS bodies and private hospitals and from individual clinicians and experts from across the UK.  If you would like to contribute please email:   Privacy policy:  (C) Therapeutic Reflections Limited

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