A few years ago I was lost, had no confidence, full of anxiety and was labelled the shy, quiet, Introverted kid, Which became my identity and controlled my life. In 2019 I decided to stop living in my comfort zone and go make something of myself. This is where ‘The Betar Project’ Podcast was born.In simple terms what is Mental Health? It's how you think, feel and act.This isn't your standard Mental Health podcast. We have an epidemic in society right now. What we are currently doing isn't working and it needs to change.Through Powerful unfiltered conversations designed to challenge the way you think, feel, and act. We aim to not only spread awareness but build mental fitness and resilience by providing the tools, tips and strategies that you can implement daily to improve your mental state and create the life you truly desire.Join me on this exciting adventure, and I'm hoping you gain as much from these discussions as I do.New Episode every Monday at 6 am AEST

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