I have started these podcasts for natural healthcare practitioners, those that work alongside us and those interested in learning more about the industry. My mission is for us to support, collaborate, communicate, educate and inspire one another. We will hear experts in the natural health care industry around the globe share their expertise, provide insight into research they have conducted, provide updates and details on innovative ways to help their clients and share product information. We will also hear personal stories from the practitioners. We will hear about their own journey. We will be a fly on the wall and learn the motivation to become nutritionist, functional medicine practitioners, integrative practitioners, homeopaths, acupuncturists, naturopaths etc. We will also be hosting podcast with practitioners and their clients who will talk about their health journey and why they sought help from a natural health care specialist. Please join us, we would be delighted for you to subscribe and listen in and be a part of our network.

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