Women's Performance

Sara Gross, PhD

Welcome to the Feisty Women’s Performance Podcast where we cut through the B.S. and deliver trusted information from experts who know how to help women thrive. The sports and fitness industries were not designed for women. And we feel that. Not only has exercise science excluded women from studies but we often receive the message that we don’t belong. And yet we know our potential is limitless. Time and time again we see women crushing it- in the gym, on the race course and in the boardroom. Despite major data gaps, we are breaking records - Every. Damn. Day. On this podcast, host Sara Gross offers the tools you need to get the best out of yourself by learning from athletes and experts who are at the top of their game. We aren't afraid to talk about periods, diet culture, sex, menopause, mindset, depression, anxiety, pregnancy and all the messy details. Listen as we bring you trusted information relating to our four pillars of women’s performance: physiology, nutrition, mental health, and culture. By taking a female lens on human performance, we can truly unlock our potential.

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