Simple & Deep™ Podcast

Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M.

Join us on a transformative journey with attachment expert and educator Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M, where we explore the path to healing in relationships affected by anxious attachment. A podcast for every woman who's felt "too much" or "not enough." You weren't born to be subtle!Together, we'll explore the complexities of rebuilding connections and embracing our stories. We will discover the strength in facing troubled relationships and the power of healing.Let's navigate this adventure of acknowledgment, reflection, and celebration, turning our fragmented stories into a narrative of purpose and transformation. Step into a raw and authentic space where we honor our past, find healing and align with life's purpose anew.SHARE with these tags online:#simpleanddeeppodcast#simpleanddeeptipsAre you interested in hearing about a certain topic on this podcast? We'd love your feedback to help bring transformation to more women.CLICK HERE TO SEND IT TO US: Member of PodMatch:

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