People, Place, & Purpose is a weekly podcast where host, Kate Luczko, interviews and gets to know business owners and tells their stories - the passion, the learning, the pivoting, the joy…. And how networking and building relationships play an integral role. Do you find yourself wondering where someone got their big idea, or how they took the leap to leave a traditional role to start something of their own? Before you travel somewhere, do you spend lots of time searching the internet and reading blog posts to find the local and unique businesses you must visit on your trip? Do you often find yourself in conversation with store owners about their shops, but always left wanting more and wishing you could get beyond their quick soundbites to hear what inspired their journey and what keeps them going? Join us to explore stories of business owners who have taken the leap into entrepreneurship and turned their passion into a successful venture! In addition to following along or subscribing in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app, you can also be a part of the adventure and find inspiration and information between episodes on Instagram at @PeoplePlacePurpose

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