Advantest Talks Semi

Keith Schaub vice president of technology and strategy at Advantest

Embrace the power of knowledge with our educational podcast, Advantest Talks Semi, exploring the progressive domain of semiconductors and Automatic Test Equipment. Led by Advantest's Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Keith Schaub, this series offers enlightening discussions with industry specialists and innovators. In a rapidly evolving landscape, continuous learning is paramount for staying competitive. We encourage you to participate in these intellectual conversations, catch up on the latest trends, and learn about the advanced strategies implemented in today’s industry. Discover how innovative technologies are not only revolutionizing testing procedures but are also shaping the world's future. Stay informed with comprehensive updates and exclusive projections about the evolving semiconductor industry. Engage with Advantest Talks Semi for a deep dive into the future of technology. The views, information, or opinions expressed during the Advantest Talks Semi series are solely those of the individuals interviewed and do not necessarily represent those of Advantest.

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