Bed, Breakfast & Business

Gerry MacPherson

Welcome to the 'Beds, Breakfasts, & Business' Podcast! - the delightful corner where bed and breakfast enthusiasts rendezvous for tips, tales, and tete-a-tetes! Each week, we fluff up the pillows, brew a fresh pot of tea, and delve into the enchanting world of B&Bs. Oh, the joys of homemade scones, personalized decor, and those oh-so-unique guest requests! But let's face it - it's not always sunny-side up in our B&B journey. From managing the breakfast rush, to handling that charming but oh-so-noisy antique plumbing, or striving for that sparkling online review – we've been there, and we FEEL you! Navigate the beautiful, bustling, bed-making world of B&Bs with us. As we sift through questions, and sprinkle in some laugh-out-loud moments from every corner of this special universe. Trust us, you're in for some comforting company and surprising solutions. We also value your time, so each episode will be concise, straight to the answers without all the fluff. So, whether you're listening while flipping pancakes, or taking a well-deserved break on that oh-so-comfy porch swing, the ‘Beds, Breakfasts, & Business' Podcast! promises a weekly dose of fun, wisdom, and a whole lot of heart. Welcome aboard our global B&B journey! Brew, listen, and be bedazzled. This is the 'Beds, Breakfasts, & Business' Podcast!. And now, let's turn the page to our next chapter of delightful discoveries!

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