Eley Ministries' "Open-Discussion" Bible Study

Eley Enforcement Entertainment, LLC

This is an open-discussion, Christian bible study where we love, learn, and laugh. We read the Word and grow together. We put our focus into learning and speaking from the heart, with God as our foundation, as opposed to being religious and traditional--ergo, anyone asks questions, and we all get to find the specific topics in the bible and gain understanding of exactly what the scripture means. Hosts: Myreah Eley, Marcus "caDASHtrophe" Eley, Vickey Davis, Tyeesha Davis eleybiblestudy.com eleyenforcementent.life/the-blog-life Got a testimony to share? Email us: testimony@eleybiblestudy.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/eleybiblestudy/support

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