Laurie Hood's Difference Makers

Alaqua Animal Refuge

Laurie Hood has dedicated her life to fighting for animal rights and saving animals. Laurie’s podcast is back and better than ever, with a new name to reflect her work with individuals who share her values. Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers celebrates the work of advocates from across the globe—the "difference makers" who are doing extraordinary things to help animals and those who are genuinely making the world a better place. In each episode of Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers, Laurie and her guests exchange larger-than-life tales of triumphs and setbacks, discuss how they got started advocating for animals, and inspire viewers to get involved in their fight. Visit to learn more or listen to audio podcasts. The first six interviews were recorded in locations ranging from the Alaqua Podcast Studio in Florida to the remote wilderness of Oregon's South Steen Mountains, to Zurich, Switzerland. Guests include Monty Roberts (Author of The Man Who Listens to Horses), Buck Wilde and Esther Gossweiler (documentarians focusing on Alaskan sea wolves and grizzly bears), Sonya Spaziani (Founder of Mustang Wild), Marty Irby (Animal Wellness Action lobbyist in Washington, D.C.), Emma Clifford (Animal Balance Founder and Director), Odessa Gunn (Animal Wellness Center, Northern California Director) and Ellie Phipps Price (American Wild Horse Campaign President).

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