Reframe It! Mindset Motivation Podcast

Erica R. Maier

Yes, it seems everyone has a podcast these days! So how exactly will listening to the Reframe It! Mindset Motivation Podcast benefit YOU? It will help reduce your everyday stress through the power of positive storytelling. But here's the kicker: YOU will be the main character in every story you hear. Each weekly episode will drop you in the middle of a challenging or potentially stress-inducing scene or scenario and guide you toward practicing positive mindset, positive action or reframing. Then, for a deeper dive into the given story, I close each episode with questions for reflection, giving you an opportunity to consider how you might actively apply the episode’s message to your day-to-day life. Please make sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review! NEW STORIES every TUESDAY, with BONUS and GUEST INTERVIEW episodes sprinkled in too.

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