The 5D CFO

Angela Marie Christian

Have you been dreaming of leveling up your life and business? Are you ready to transform and become the wealthiest, most successful version of YOU? Welcome to The 5D CFO podcast (formerly Her Circle). This is a podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to learn how to bring their 5D gifts and abundance into the 3D physical world. This isn't just a boring accounting or finance podcast talking about numbers...I'll be sharing tips on mindset, manifestation, and how to transcend the old school business model that keeps most people boxed in and limited. By upgrading our mind and healing our blocks, we can serve the world with our innate gifts. I'm your host, Angela Marie Christian - a fractional CFO for conscious, soul-centered entrepreneurs, mostly in the influencer, digital creation, and service provider space. I'm also the #1 best selling author of Manifestation Mastery. Don't forget to Subscribe or follow now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Enjoy!

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