The mission of Real Talk is to provide our audience with engaging, inspiring, entertaining and life-changing information that can be used to support personal and professional growth, enhance spiritual development, encourage financial wellness, enhance interpersonal relationships, boost emotional and physical well-being, and deepen intergenerational bonds.Our goal is to help people (especially women) who want to transition from surviving to thriving in their personal and professional lives to become more wealthy, confident, and successful. We feature enlightening conversations with experts that spark personal growth and transformative action.By sharing our own successes, losses, challenges, and solutions with an openness and vulnerability, we aspire to liberate our audience (and ourselves) to live life free from unnecessary boundaries, judgement and self-flagellation. Join us on this journey into some of the crucial conversations that lay a foundation for a lifetime of personal growth, intergenerational understanding and abundant mother/daughter love. Our podcast is dedicated to the memory of our beloved mother/grandmother, Connie, who began the vibrant, love-filled, life-affirming conversations that we continue today.

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