Welcome to the Happiness 2.0 podcast, a show that explores the science of happiness and well-being in the modern world. Hosted by Edward G. Dunn and co-host Nic Whitacre, this podcast offers valuable insights and practical tips for living a happier, more fulfilling life.In each episode, Edward and Nic explore a different aspect of happiness and well-being, drawing on the latest research from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and other related fields. They also share their own personal experiences and insights, offering a unique and relatable perspective on the challenges and joys of living a happier life.Topics covered in the podcast include overcoming anxiety and worry, mindfulness, brain-hacking, relationships, tools for happiness, and much more. Through engaging discussions and interviews with experts in the field, the show aims to help listeners develop the skills and habits necessary to cultivate a happier and more meaningful life.So, if you're looking for practical advice and inspiration for living a happier life, tune in to the Happiness 2.0 podcast with Edward G. Dunn and co-host Nic Whitacre.

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