Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

Bob Hastings

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories is an ad-free children’s podcast series narrated by author Bob Hastings. Episodes are about kindness, friendship, and overcoming uncertainty. Bear King is a friendly, knowledgeable talking bear who likes spending time and sharing gifts with his family and young friends. Bobo Chico is a talking river otter who is Bear King’s lovable, highly enthusiastic best friend. While on their adventures, Bear King and Bobo Chico meet many interesting people who help them overcome challenges and learn important, positive life lessons. Each story invites the listener to experience the familiar and also use their imagination. The series is set in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland, Oregon, home of the author and his family. Each story was inspired by his children and his grandsons, for whom the stories were originally written. His grand-nieces make appearances in later episodes. Author/Storyteller: Bob Hastings. Producer/Sound Engineer: Scott Whitney of PodWorx, Inc. Program Manager: Vicky Hastings. Musician: Scott Whitney. Artist: Jennifer Reynolds.

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