Driver Story 司机的疫情故事


Normal e-hailing driver who have 26 type of stories during in transit of sending passengers to destination. In order to protect driver privacy, we shall use alphabet to represent his name. It might different than what you think, but it might also a good experience when you meet a lot types of people. Hope this daily stories will make you relax. We shall update weekly through Spotify, KK Box, and Google Podcast. 这是电召车司机描述的26个疫情故事,故事是以司机所载顾客时的一些谈话。为了保护司机的隐私,我们都以英文字母来代替他的名字。以上的故事可能与您想法不同,但也有这些故事会让您可以想象当时候司机的经历。希望你们喜欢。 我们会每个星期通过Spotify, KK Box, 和 Google Podcast不间断更新。 Powered by Firstory Hosting

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