Are you ready to put yourself first in your 55+ years? Your host, Laurie Adams at 60+, successfully did that and is here now to help you discover what you want for your own, full second act in life. She lived in the people-pleasing era where young girls learned to put themselves last and how, as experienced, mature women they can rekindle dreams and realize them. A certified life and weight loss coach, Laurie, along with her variety of guests, share how they have shifted into their best years yet. If you’re stuck on the back burner and ready to fire-up at mid-life and beyond, tune in weekly to hear inspiring conversations and personal journeys with info you can apply to get going. Real self care and moving from hope to success starts here—for a new companion, or career, retirement, mastering weight loss, fitness and more. And if you’d like to work with Laurie 1-on-1, contact her at

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