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Be part of the conversation, and listen as host, Jomiro Eming, chats to some of the most successful thought-leaders in tech to discover how they hack their careers, and how they approach difficult tech problems. 🦄The OfferZen Podcast unpacks the tips and tricks from the best in tech. Learn how other software makers think about their growth, how they lead their own tech teams, awesome projects they’ve worked on, and how they build out their careers.We also learn how big tech companies are hiring tech talent, what the future of tech looks like, how remote-first tech teams are built and how they function, and how tech leaders approach hard-to-solve team-building challenges. 📚 If you enjoy the podcast, make sure to check out our blog for more epic content like this! You can find it here:🚀 And, if you want to unlock your potential of your tech career, and join a community of +90 000 other software makers, find us here:   

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