RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard

Billy Gerard, Host

Take a break from the hard news, tough talk and firm opinions of Monday through Friday talk radio with this entertaining weekend show. Maybe you'll try something new, learn about the next best seller, download the latest app to the phone, learn a new word maybe or just have a good belly laugh. RockStar with Billy Gerard built to get the most out the two days we call “the weekend” before it all starts again.Billy Gerard and his team spend countless hours scouring the media landscape for the newest, funniest, and the coolest to bring to listeners. Guest and content are curated, and the best are presented in a light fun format that is sure entertain and leave you wanting more. Never offensive, always entertaining, informative and insightful usually very funny.  Guests include everyone interesting.  Stars from the stage and screen.  Business and thought leaders, musical stars, comics, singers, dancers, produces and writers' names you know as well as new up and coming artists that you will want to get to know.  Business leaders, entrepreneurs, the hottest new games, apps and even gift ideas too. Doctors and professionals join Billy and offer rare genuine insights just not heard or seen anywhere else.  RockStar with Billy Gerard, just too good to be FREE!

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