AGT Time Pod - America's Got Talent Fancast

Cody Patterson, Jay Bock, AGT Commenter

Step into the spotlight with Cody Patterson, Jay Bock, and the enigmatic AGT Commenter as they unleash their passion for the electrifying world of America's Got Talent! Dive deep into every sensational episode during the summer season, where they recap the latest jaw-dropping performances, invite special guests, and even chat with the incredible contestants themselves. But the fun doesn't stop when the lights dim; in the offseason, join them as they journey back through the show's most memorable seasons, reliving the magic and uncovering hidden gems. With the insightful AGT Commenter leading the charge, prepare for captivating discussions and thrilling insights as they shine a spotlight on their favorite acts like never before. Get ready to be dazzled, entertained, and inspired on the ultimate AGT adventure!

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