Are you a woman who is ready to experience more love and joy in your life? Are you tired of wondering why you can’t get past certain blocks in your personal life, marriage or as a mother? You long to feel that sense of freedom in your mind, body and soul. Each week, host Elizabeth Krause has honest conversations with guests who have found their breath of fresh air by doing the hard stuff. By truly feeling their emotions – every emotion. Elizabeth will also sprinkle in her story and spiritual journey to help inspire you to take a look at your life and see where you desire to grow. When we do the hard stuff, we truly understand who we are. I am sitting right next to you on this journey of the human experience. Follow Elizabeth @iamelizabethkrause on Instagram for sparks of inspiration. Subscribe to the Feeling to Healing podcast and share these episodes with someone who needs to hear it. I am on a mission for women to fully feel every. single. emotion. Your soul wants to grow!

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