Welcome to the podcast that explores and smashed the insane patriarchal body image messages that keep us on the diet, riot, sweat, repeat carnival ride. This podcast is an exploration of where these awful body image "should" messages originated and how we can finally smash the body image insanity together.What does diet, riot, sweat, repeat mean? We all know about dieting. It seems that every day there is a new diet to try that will melt away all those unwanted pounds. Low-fat, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, Paleo.... the list could go on & on. I know- I've tried them all! What happens when you restrict your diet? You RIOT! You binge and fall off the diet bandwagon. Then guilt sets in and you go sweat it out at the gym or on a long run. And the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again. It is an insane carnival ride that feels impossible to escape.What "shoulds" have you heard about your body? Have you been told that your skin should be lighter, darker, smoother, less wrinkly. have you been told you have too many curves or not enough curves? Are you too tall or too short? Too masculine or too feminine? No matter what your body looks like, you have probably been given messages throughout your life that your body does not look like what society and culture thinks it "Should" look like.Let's smash those "shoulds"! This is not a podcast where you will find a bunch of experts telling you how you should love your body. Instead, it is a podcast where you are going to hear the voices of very real women, just like you, who share their body image stories with us. It is through this common understanding and story telling that we can finally begin to unravel our beliefs and find the core of these harmful "shoulds".The host, Tiphany Kane is a 49 year old woman battling body image issues. She has a masters degree, is the CEO of a company she co-founded, she speaks on stages all over the country, is the Executive Director of Sonic Bloom awards, and is the mother of 2 boys...one heading off to college in a few months. And yet- even with all these life accomplishments- she still feels shame that her body does not look like it "should". Are you the same? Are you an accomplished woman (cis or trans), or non-binary person that feels disappointed when you see a picture of yourself? Do you focus on your belly, arms, butt or thighs and wish they looked different? Are you sick and tired of trying diet after diet? Have you ever made yourself go hungry just to lose weight? Are you sick and tired of denying yourself life's simple food pleasures? This podcast is for you!

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