Law of Attraction for Business™

Dr. Amanda | Law of Attraction Strategies for Service Based Business Owners

The Law of Attraction for Business™ podcast is a top 2% globally rated show that provides practical Law of Attraction strategies for entrepreneurs and service based business owners to get into productive action, improve client attraction, and turn on your money magnetism so you can rapidly grow your business. 🎙️ New Episodes Every Wednesday🎙️ This podcast provides answers to questions for COACHES, ENTREPRENEURS and SERVICE BASED BUSINESS OWNERS: *What do I do to rapidly grow my business? *What's my Zone of Genius? *What are the best habits to grow my business effectively? *How do I master my entrepreneurial mindset? *How do I decrease stress and burnout as a business owner? *How do I make more money as a coach, expert, or entrepreneur? *How do I make more money in my business doing what I enjoy? *What are money blocks and how do I stop them? *How do I get over fear and doubt to build a successful business? *How do I stop procrastinating and get into action? *What should I do to overcome imposter syndrome? *How do I set goals that actually work for rapid business growth? *How do I use the Law of Attraction to build a successful coaching business? *What is manifestation and how do I apply these strategies to grow my business? Dr. Amanda Barrientez - "The Mindset & Money Healer" - will teach you everything she did to go from powerlessness to feeling powerful on her journey from food stamps to building a 6-figure coaching business in the first full-time year. Her goal is for you to know the steps to scale your business from your "Zone of Manifestation" so you enjoy the journey of building your business while you make exponential impact in the world as a business owner. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Want to work with Dr. Amanda to 🚀 Rapidly Grow Your Business? OPTION 1) Law of Attraction for Business School ➠ Includes: Daily Law of Attraction Lessons + DIY Courses + Popup Workshops + 2 x MONTHLY Live Masterclass & Business Coaching Sessions 🚀 GET A 7-DAY FREE TRIAL HERE: OPTION 2:) Law of Attraction for Business Group Coaching ➠ Includes: Everything in the Law of Attraction for Business School (from OPTION 1) + PLUS 2 x WEEKLY Live Money Mindset & Manifestation and Business Coaching Sessions 🚀 SCHEDULE A RAPID BIZ GROWTH CALL WITH DR AMANDA HERE: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 🤩 Connect with Dr. Amanda on the Socials @LOAforBIZ:

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