When Life Gives You Parkinson's


Larry Gifford has Parkinson’s disease, and he wants to talk about it. When Life Gives You Parkinson’s chronicles Larry’s journey following diagnosis at age 45, but he knows he’s only part of the story. The podcast gives voice to the fascinating people that make up the Parkinson’s community and beyond — his family, his fellow people with Parkinson’s, care partners, advocates, researchers and healthcare providers. Through these interviews, the podcast informs and inspires others to share their own stories revealing the challenges and growth offered by the Parkinson’s journey. Larry is a seasoned broadcaster and the podcast is co-hosted by then-radio personality Niki Reitmayer until 2020 when Larry’s wife Rebecca takes on the role. Special thank you to our partners. Presenting partner is Parkinson Canada, content and promotional partner Spotlight YOPD, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Parkinson’s IQ + You, PD Avengers, World Parkinson Congress #WPC2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

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