Design Education Talks

Lefteris Heretakis

Since its inception in 2019, Design Education Talks podcast has served as a dynamic platform for the exchange of insights and ideas within the realm of art and design education. This initiative sprang from a culmination of nearly a decade of extensive research conducted by Lefteris Heretakis. His rich background, intertwining academia, industry, and student engagement, laid the foundation for a podcast that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of educational discourse.At its core, the Design Education Talks podcast functions as an open forum, fostering discussions that delve into the intricate facets of art and design education, unravelling the layers of creativity, and exploring the depths of design thinking in education. This podcast stands as a testament to our commitment to addressing the pressing challenges facing contemporary art and design education. Each episode becomes a nexus of exploration, where innovative solutions are sought and shared. The collaborative nature of these discussions reflects a commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice, academia and industry, and tradition and innovation.One of the podcast's distinctive features is its role as a valuable resource for skill-building among the new generation of aspiring designers. The episodes serve as an intellectual toolbox, offering practical insights, strategies, and real-world experiences that contribute to the holistic development of creative professionals. Moreover, the podcast serves as a compass, providing clear directions for those interested in reshaping the models for teaching and learning in the dynamic field of design.As we continue our journey through the Design Education Talks podcast, our aim remains resolute: to inspire, inform, and ignite a transformative dialogue that propels the evolution of art and design education. By fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation, we aspire to contribute to the positive growth and adaptation of educational practices, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the needs and aspirations of the ever-changing creative landscape.

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