This podcast is here to help Inspire, Empower and Elevate Direct Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Future Forward Thought Leaders What separates a good from a great leader? What are my unique leadership gifts & talents? How can I attract & keep great team members? These are just a few of the questions we answer inside the Navigating Your Leadership Podcast. Whether you are a Direct Sales Leader on her way to the next level, an already high ranking Network Marketing Leader looking to build more leaders, leading a Sales Team in Real Estate or trying to build a cohesive team n public service, there is something for you inside this podcast! The world has evolved tremendously over the past decade and if you don’t change with it your leader-SHIP is about to sink. This podcast is for you if you are daring enough to be a disruptor, open to creating a Strengths-Based organization, and ready to become the leader you’ve been called to be! The world needs great leaders like you! I’m your host, Sheri Miter, I spent 26 years in a well respected Direct Sales Company. While raising my 3 boys I was able to lead my team to the Top 1% of the company. It wasn’t always pretty, and I hit a lot of bumps on the road, but along the way I found tools that made the path easier! Tools like Clifton Strengths (AKA Strengths Finder) Today, I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach & e2Grow High Performing Teams Partner. I’m on a mission to bring these tools to leaders, especially those in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales. I’m passionate about helping ALL leaders tap into their God-Given talents to create thriving teams! The NYL mission is to INSPIRE and EMPOWER you to the next level as you confidently captain YOUR leader-SHIP! Think of me as the navigator who will be by your side to keep you on course. Together we can ELEVATE your legacy as a leader and navigate that smooth sail to success! Learn more about Coaching, Consulting and Strengths or High Performing Teams Workshop opportunities at Have questions or comments email at

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