Trial Lawyers University

Dan Ambrose, Trial Lawyers University

Satisfied with being an average trial attorney? This isn't the podcast for you. Welcome to Trial Lawyers University (TLU), the ultimate playbook for lawyers that want to achieve trial immortality. Hosted by TLU founder and veteran trial attorney Dan Ambrose, this power-packed podcast features in-depth interviews with Top Ranked Trial Lawyers, including Brian Panish, Keith Mitnik, Joe Fried, Zoe Littlepage, Rex Parris, John Romano, Sach Oliver, Jakob Norman, Dino Colombo, Lloyd Bell, Chris Finney, David Christensen, and more. In each episode, you’ll gain invaluable trial insights, strategies, and tactics directly from the titans of trial. Ready to join the group that continues to dominate the trial world? Register for our live conferences and boot camps at And while you are waiting for the main event, jumpstart your journey to victory now by going to for instant access to live lectures, case analysis, skills training videos, expert depositions, jury selection, transcripts, pleadings, and more strategic insight to apply to every stage of litigation! Access is limited to attorneys for plaintiffs and criminal defendants. To begin your journey, all you need is a web browser.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

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