How many people do you know whose life has been badly affected by trauma of any kind? Did verbal, emotional, spiritual or worse abuse negatively affect you or someone you care about? Do you know people who struggle with shame, pain and fear that hold them back from living a life of their dreams? I do. It was me. It took my power away, limited my potential and nearly destroyed my life. The fantastic news is it doesn't have to be this way. Our traumas can now be used for good. A lot of good in fact. It’s a powerful source of inspiration for self-development, self-love and healing. How? The World's Best Trauma Recovery podcast provides clear explanations, effective strategies and practical tools to help you to confront your darkest moments, neutralize the past traumas and discharge their negative impact on your life! Do you want to… 🧘 Live authentically? ❤️ Connect deeply in your relationships? 🌺 Succeed with fulfillment? 🎤 Find your voice? 🚀 Unlock your unlimited financial potential? 💫 Create miracles in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the show, welcome to the World's Best Trauma Recovery Podcast!

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