Life Online is a new podcast from Ofcom exploring how the UK's new law on online safety impact us all. The Online Safety Bill sets out the new rules that platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook need to follow, to make sure that everyone using their service is safe from harm. We interact with these platforms on a daily basis and they have changed the way we communicate with each other online. They have also created a lot of debate around how we should - or shouldn’t – interact with them.Life Online is a new podcast that hopes to unpack a lot of this conversation. With a new episode each month, we will feature industry professionals, policy makers, content creators and tech experts to discuss how the Online Safety Bill impacts on all of us. Whether it’s how we protect children when they go online, how we tackle misinformation and terrorism, or how the platforms themselves need to innovate to make sure they follow the new rules.So join us for a journey into Life Online.

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