Are you naturally curious to travel and experience more of what the world has to offer? Travel Experiences Reimagined has you covered.Travel Experiences Reimagined is a podcast that will uncover different types of tours, experiences, and excursions hosted by local people from all over the world. Each week, you will discover and tune in to learn more about the person hosting the tour and what makes their tour unique.I’m your host Mariel, and after traveling to over 10+ countries and going on numerous tours and excursions, I naturally became curious to learn more about the tour, city, and country itself along with the person who is hosting and curating the experience.To learn more about our hosts, tours, and experiences, visit us on our website Travel Experiences ReimaginedFounder and host Mariel Fry is passionate about experiences, travel, and showcase local culture and tourism to others who are fascinated, interested, and excited to explore what the world has to offer to them. She started her curiosity of travel at the age of 19 where she studied for her associates in Hospitality: Travel and Tourism. After going away internationally, she immediately caught the travel bug to travel the world to over 10+ countries and countless cities to try new, local experiences founded and hosted by local people in the tourism space. What makes this podcast so special? We interview a new tour guide, tour operator, or host of an experience each week, where we go over their story, more about their tourism business, and any fun facts or tips related to their city that uncovers hidden gems and off the beaten path information to provide to you as the tourist visiting that new city.

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