Hegemonicon - An Investigation Into the Workings of Power

William Lawrence

A show about social movements and politics, strategy and ideology, the immediate present and the rapidly onrushing future. Host William Lawrence spent his 20s as a member of grassroots social movements, including as a co-founder and national leader of Sunrise Movement, the youth group that put the Green New Deal on the political map. Now in his 30s, he's trying to make sense of what we've collectively learned from the last decade-plus of social movements and heightening crisis. On this show he talks with activists and researchers on the left to explore the guiding theme of Power: What is it? How is it exercised? How is it distributed? What has living through these recent decades of increasing turmoil taught us about the relations of power, both here in the US and worldwide? How can we design better strategies that build power from below, to win basic rights, security, and justice?

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