Discerning Parenting

Victoria Ang-Nolasco, MD

Are there days you feel you’ve had it with the sleepless nights, the temper tantrums, the constant fatigue of trying to keep up with an active baby? Does it feel like you’re always working so hard as a parent, trying to do everything for your kids and family, and yet it never feels enough? We get it. You love your child more than anything, and yet parenting is also exhausting and challenging. Especially when you’re bombarded with criticism and pressure to be the perfect parent (which, spoiler alert, does not exist!). But what if you had experts who understand exactly what you’re going through help you navigate the everyday challenges of parenting your baby, toddler, or preschooler? What if they help you use scientific research to your advantage, so you become the calmer, happier, and more empowered parent you’ve always wanted to be? That's why we created "Discerning Parenting," the podcast that helps you cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters in your parenting journey. Join Dr. Victoria Ang-Nolasco, developmental and behavioral pediatrician, positive parenting coach, author, speaker, and mom, as she and our guest experts tackle your most pressing parenting concerns. From toddler discipline to helping kids learn to talk or to read, from starting solids and potty training to promoting social and emotional development, this podcast is jam-packed with valuable insights and practical tips specifically tailored for parents of kids age 5 and below. So join us and discover how you can use the combined power of science, knowing your child, and your own intuition in making the best parenting decisions for you and your family. Head over to discerningparenting.com and get our FREE parenting resource library too!

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