Lessons Of Entrepreneurship - The Journey Of Reinvention

Priscilla Shumba

In every conversation, I'm looking for that nugget, that "Aha!", that moment of  'hmmm I hadn't thought of in that way' that will transform how we do business and life. Consider this podcast your cozy coffee (or tea) table time, where captivating conversations with brilliant entrepreneurs and executives from around the world unfold.I was told, that the person I am today can't possibly do what I have set out to accomplish in this entrepreneur challenge. And YES they were 100% RIGHT.It's going to take going on a Journey Of Reinvention ... ... A Faith and Business perspective for the Christian entrepreneur. Becoming the person who can Do the things that lead to Having success in business and life. (I've paraphrased business Guru, Myron Golden's words.)Join me, as I search for the Lessons Of Entrepreneurship that will lead to a fun & fruitful Journey Of Reinvention.I'm your host, Priscilla Shumba. Let's dive into our future as business visionaries! For more information on our work, please check out our website at http://www.reinventingperspectives.com 

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