Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane, M.Ed.

Tiphany Kane, M.Ed, CEO of KaSa Media Productions

This is THE award-winning podcast for women who are sick and tired of being quiet about the things that matter. This is the podcast for you, the woman who is ready to claim your power, claim your voice, and make the changes you wish to see in the world. _____The host, Tiphany Kane,  found herself in need of inspiring women who would help her find the power in her voice. To help this need, Tiphany searches out the disruptors and change-makers who rarely follow the "shoulds" of society. Instead, they are radical and audacious in their pursuit of justice, integrity, and the causes they believe in. These women are making important changes in the world that can inspire you to buck the system and stand for what you believe in. They raise their volume and speak out about the topics they care passionately about!_____The women who are guests on this podcast are not afraid of being too loud, too bold, or too passionate. These women raise the volume on their voices, and are not quieted by people's rules, expectations, & "shoulds". This podcast was formerly the Radical Audacity podcast and is a multiple award-winning show hosted by Tiphany Kane,  the CEO of KaSa Media Productions, Executive Director of the Sonic Bloom Awards, and an award-winning podcast producer and host._________The host, Tiphany Kane, M. Ed, lives her own radically audacious life out loud.  She left a religious cult at 19 years old and moved 3,000 miles across the country to start her life over from scratch. 20 years later, she left a toxic marriage with two young children. Most recently, Tiphany left a 20-year career in public education to start her own media production business. Tiphany has been featured in Authority Magazine, Women Who Podcast Magazine, CanvasRebel Magazine, and Shout Out LA Magazine. She also speaks across the country on various stages where she encourages women to speak up and speak out! This podcast will introduce you to people making a difference and living out loud so that you can get the inspiration you need to live your own life at full volume! Let's Break the rules, break free of the cage, and live a radical life! Remember to raise the volume of your voice...someone is listening! 

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