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Dr. Mary Ann Mercer

Dr. Mary Ann V. Mercer helps you transform the quality of your life. And…helps you create the life you desire. Time for you to create your best life ever! When you face a problem, solutions don’t always come easy! When you can’t find solutions to your problems or effective ways to improve and change your life...I can guide & help you. Don’t worry: Change Won’t Take Forever! In my podcast, I give you solution-focused, ultra-effective tools to create the life you desire. You will learn practical + long-lasting approaches to guide you to live a happier + fulfilling life. Mary Ann V. Mercer, Psy.D., is an Author, Speaker, Psychologist & Intensive Coaching™ co-creator. Dr. Mercer wrote the new book, “Bouncing Back from Difficult Times™.” She co-authored many books, including SPONTANEOUS OPTIMISM™. Dr. Mercer studied + practices techniques on healing and the mind-body connection. She is a Certified Awakening Dynamics® Practitioner, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, and Movement Feedback Expert. Dr. Mercer’s unique background and experience will give you the tools and the edge you need to improve your life. Dr. Mercer appears on TV & Radio, including Oprah, Home & Family, plus Crook & Chase. She is quoted in many publications, including Self, Medium, Fitness, Health, Martha Stewart, Fitbit, and more. She delivers speeches + workshops + co-founded the self-help website www.PositiveLifeAnswers.com Sign up for your free “Positive Life Answers Newsletter” at www.PositiveLifeAnswers.com.  When you sign up, you will receive a FREE guide called, “Quick Tips to Become More Upbeat & Optimistic.” While you are at the website please feel free to email your questions and comments using the contact us form. Follow us on Instagram (positivelifeanswers)  &  Facebook ) Positive Life Answers)Thank you for listening.Positively, Dr. Mary Ann Mercer

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