I'm Just Sayin' Entertainment

Andrea Clinton & Friends

I'M JUST SAYIN' ENTERTAINMENT podcast is your Digital Variety Show.We bring you different talks from all walks of Entertainment and in life. There's ***ANDREA & THE GIRLZ - 3 generations of opinions; There are MOVIE REVIEWS with Andrea and guests, discussing movies we all know and love, where we chat about scenes, camera angles, character, story, plot and more. I'm Just Sayin' is where those in the Entertainment industry come to chat, regurgitate what's on their minds and share their views on current events, life and happenings in around the world. Entertainment folk are people too, and with mental health issues running rampant, especially since COVID, We Need a Place to Release, to express ourselves. Talking, like laughter, is the best medicine for a "healthy" mental health. So, we invite those who want to learn more about the people in front of and behind the cameras to come have a listen, and we pull up a chair for newcomers in the entertainment industry, as we also share our knowledge, skills and experiences in Film, TV, Theatre, and more.

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