Under A Blood Red Moon: A Werewolf the Apocalypse RPG Actual Play

Hallowed Haven Studios

Three weeks ago, the war for Chicago began. It started with a lie - a false flag attack by the Black Spiral Dancers to incite the local vampires against the werewolves. The Dancers had vampire allies of their own, who attacked the werewolves' sacred site of the Fanum, and released the Celestine, Jupiter, from within. Now both sides are preparing for war, unaware that the dead and the burned were all a ruse, not that vampires and werewolves need an excuse most of the time. One pack of five garou are thrust into this war, aimed at the enemy with promises of glory ringing in their ears. But war is a crucible, and these five werewolves will be burned, reduced, and remade in the questions of what is worth dying for and what is worth killing for. All under a Blood Red Moon.

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