Capitalist Investor

Strategic Wealth Partners

Check out the "Capitalist Investor" podcast where hosts Derek, Luke and Tony break down complex financial topics and recent market trends with a sharp eye. This podcast is all about getting into the nitty-gritty of things like stock buybacks, tax policies, meme stocks, and a whole lot more. The guys aren’t just brains; they keep things light with a great mix of deep dives and easy banter that keeps you hooked and learning. Whether they’re chatting about Warren Buffett’s latest strategies, how Biden’s tax plans might hit different income levels, or the buzz around a big golf tournament, you’ll come away with a solid grip on how these issues could shake up your financial world. Perfect for investors, retirees, or just anyone keen to keep up with the financial universe, "Capitalist Investor" makes the complex understandable and entertaining.

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