Host: Navy Veteran Janae Sergio. Has there ever been a time in your life when you realized no one was coming to save you? And you acknowledged that you were going to have to step up and BE YOUR OWN HERO! On the Perfectly Flawed Podcast, we want to hear your story for two reasons: 1. It’s important for YOU to pause and applaud yourself for how far you have come. You are a work in progress and you deserve to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small or big they seem. 2. Your story of perseverance may be exactly what someone who is currently struggling needs to hear in order for THEM to take the first step towards being their own Hero. No one owes you anything in life. People tend to act in their own best interests so when they fail you, don’t take it personally. You take ownership of your own life and transform yourself from a victim into a victor. It is never too late to take the first step towards becoming the hero you have always needed.

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