In Meditation and Beyond you will discover a uniquely different approach to meditation. There are two traditional aims of meditation. The first is cultivating a healthy human life. The second is transcending our limited day-to-day consciousness to discover our true self and its extraordinary qualities of human flourishing. Our first session begins by focusing on two quick and sure methods of calming the mind. Whenever your mind is out of control, these will be your go-to that is simple, surprisingly effortless, and goes directly to the essence of meditation. The first aim of meditation is to diminish, stress, calm the mind, decrease reactivity, and improve the quality of our relationships. The second aim of meditation is the heart and true essence of meditation. This approach cuts through the limitations of day-to-day living and reveals the precious gold of human life - a sustained serenity, natural wisdom, unchanging happiness, and boundless freedom. . We learn how to meditate in an entirely new and effortless way. Let’s join together on the journey of a lifetime. If you are ready, you will discover life’s treasures.May I suggest you refer to my latest book, Meditation and Beyond, available through Amazon as support and more for these podcasts. you may also find further resources on my website:

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