The Triathlon Age Group Journey

Jillian Carlson, Jay Cougnet, Matt Sommer

As triathletes, we love watching and racing with the pros. However, what they do is not always possible for us. This podcast is for age group triathletes that want to be part of a conversation on being the best triathlete they can be with their time, talent, resources, and level of effort. Being age group triathletes, coaches, parents, and full-time working professionals, your hosts, Jillian Carlson, Jay Cougnet and Matt Sommer will be your guide on this adventure. Each podcast, we will discuss topics pertinent to you with other age group triathletes of varying capabilities in order to have some fun and hopefully share some insights that might make your training and racing just a little bit better! We all have something to learn and share while on the journey of our individual triathlon adventures!

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